Colonial Tax preparer Referral Program


Are you a tax preparer, accountant, and or enrolled agent? Do you currently have a client or clients that are facing nasty and burdensome tax debt issues with the IRS and or state that they just can’t pay? We can help!

Here at Colonial Tax Relief we are tax professionals who are professionally versed in the ways of dealing with the IRS and state tax agencies in fighting for and reducing massive tax debt for clients just like yours.

Feel confident knowing that with our over 27 years of experience that you are letting a seasoned and professional tax resolution company handle your clients tax liability issues. Our staff of CPA’s, senior tax resolution specialists, and enrolled agents have the professional knowledge and know how to effectively navigate through nearly any and all tax debt liability situations on behalf of your client.

Upon referral of your client’s file to us we would at that point take responsibility for making all pertinent phone calls, client document collection, petition filing, and advocate on behalf of said client for any and all proceedings, hearings, correspondence with the IRS and or state etc… It will also be our pleasure to keep you and your firm up to the minute on said clients progress at the approval of the client of course.

Just a few ways to receive compensation for your referrals to us:

  • Signup (not lead) compensation pays $ 300
  • Tax Debt Lead compensation pays $ 30 per and $100 upon signup
  • Referring other affiliates compensation pays 15% upon signup

Please keep in mind that any and all referral compensation to you and or your firm is made upon the first completed and paid deposit by the client. No games and no questions asked. We appreciate your confidence and referral!

The Colonial 4 Step Call to Relief:

Step 1: Free Over the Phone Tax Consultation

Step 2: IRS and State Investigation / Compliance Check

Step 3: Prepare Forms and resolution Plan

Step 4: Submit for Relief and get Results

Colonial Tax Relief specializes in reducing and resolving IRS and/or state Tax Debt. Our unique process is truly revolutionary in the Tax Resolution industry. Your client will have a detailed understanding of their options BEFORE they pay any fees towards hiring us to professionally solve and bring an end to their overwhelming and burdensome tax liability issues.

Why not earn extra revenue on your end by letting Colonial Tax Relief do all the heavy lifting on behalf of you and your clients with the IRS and State?


Call today to find out how we can help at (833) Tax Asst / 829-2778!