“We would like to thank you guys for being there for us and for your support through this not so easy time. We also appreciate all the time that was spent on the phone with us on numerous occasions as well.”

Jonah S. – Salt Lake City, Utah

“I will always gladly recommend Colonial Tax Relief to anyone who might have burdensome tax issues with the IRS as did I.  I was paralyzed in fear about the whole situation but the people over at Colonial walked me through it step by step and really went out of their way to work with me financially as well. Thank you Colonial”!

Susan B. – Rochester, New York

“I honestly don’t know how anyone who doesn’t have a complete working knowledge of how to deal with the IRS or the compromise process would ever be able to navigate through their system, loopholes, rules, etc… I am so glad we employed the services of Colonial Tax Relief and their team. I’m normally quick to judge when it comes to any types of financially service based companies yet must admit my wife and I were more than fairly satisfied with them and the outcome of our resolution.”

Jeffrey E. – Spokane, Washington

“The tax investigation with Colonial went smoothly and quickly. After my compliance check it was determined that I really didn’t owe the IRS what I thought I did, and we struck an offer in compromise with them right away. I would personally recommend them” …

Steve A. – Los Angeles, Ca.